Liang-Xing is know for their work using characters from the game Overwatch. The various pieces on D.Va and Mercy really caught my eye so I just had to share them. Below you can get a small taste of their work. If you'd like to see more from them, check out
RaikoArt is an artist I came across over on Deviant Art not too long ago. What drew me to them at first was their World of Warcraft work (pictures below). Their take on Lady Jaina Proundmoore is exquisite and their piece on Valeera Sanguinar (also pictured below) is unmatched. If you'd
I have to admit the art of NeoArtCorE is nothing less than magnificent! I've played plenty of Overwatch so I enjoy its artwork immensely. Here are a few pieces I found outstanding. You can check out all of their work over on their Deviant Art Page!
Here are a few works from artist LindaRoze! I don't generally go for the more sexualized pieces, but she does them really well! You can check out more of her stuff at her deviant art page!   
Here are a couple of works by Lighane! You can find plenty more of her work over on her Deviant Art page!